FAQ for Android Devices

This maybe due to the cache problem of your Google Play app. Please clear the cache and try it again.
To clear cache: 1. go to Application Manager or App Manager in your setting (Gear Icon). 2.Click Google play Store, click clear data.

Google Play support credit card payment and mobile/ carrier bill payment. Please try both of them.

Please refer to the help section inside the Visual Anatomy App. Please try both internal and external storages.

FAQ for iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad)

1. Check the Silent Switch and Adjust Volume.
2. Turn Off Do Not Disturb
3. Disable Bluetooth
4. Check the iPhone Speaker
5. Check the Notifications Settings
Detailed instructions can be found in www.imobie.com .

Please update the app to the latest version. We recently fixed the crash bug for iOS14. Also Please try to shut down the app completely and restart it again. Instruction for iOS14:
1. Press the square button on iPad or iPhone twice (quickly). You will see some small screenshots of all your opening apps. Close them by swiping them out of screen.
2. Restart the app by click our app.

Please make sure your device has enough space for the app.

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